To reserve a place on your chosen course the following application form must be completed and then payment made of the non refundable deposit. The full payment for your course must then be completed a minimum of six weeks before the course start date. Please give us as much information as possible to ensure that your trip to France is successful for you as a writer as well as safe and enjoyable.  

Non-Refundable Deposit for either - £320.00
All rooms are allocated on a 'first come first served basis'. The nature of the accommodation means that some rooms will have a shared bathroom.

Please contact if booking two or more courses or for further information for student, group or book-club bookings.
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Please check with your local Embassy before reserving a place, and ensure that any applications for visa are made in adequate time.
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Please contact us on to see if you qualify for a bursary for one of our courses.
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Writing Worlds Course Cost - £1200
Writing Crime Course Cost - £1250
Non Refundable Deposit - £ 320 Payable in UK Sterling. Course cost to be paid in full at least 6 weeks before course starts. 
Details of the account number will be sent once your application has been received.

By completing this booking form I agree to the following terms and conditions.

I hereby declare that I am over 18 years of age. (Students under the age of 18 please contact

I pledge to notify ‘A Chapter Away' of any serious medical conditions or food allergies within four weeks of the course start date (to ensure the caterers have adequate time to plan my personal menu).

I understand that 'A Chapter Away' strongly recommend that I apply for personal travel insurance in case of accident or injury - or in the event of disrupted travel arrangements (strikes, flight cancellations etc).

'A Chapter Away' cannot reimburse any losses incurred by students in the event of such cancellations or for days missed due to late arrivals, etc.

On very rare occasions we may need to cancel a course; in this case we will offer you an alternative course or return all of the fee paid. Please note that where we have to change tutors, you do not have additional rights of cancellation and our standard terms still apply. We cannot pay travel or other costs, which you may however be able to reclaim from your travel insurance policy, and our liability to you in all cases is limited to the course fee you have paid.

I undertake to copyright any work which I may share with fellow students or tutors before attending the course and that ‘ A Chapter Away’ are not in any way liable for my work.

I understand that I may be asked to leave the course if in the opinion of the course facilitator I have behaved in a an unreasonable, discriminatory or aggressive manner towards staff or other students, and that furthermore should this occur my course place would not be refunded, nor any travel costs incurred.

I understand that course fees must be paid in full six weeks before the commencement of my course. A reminder will not be issued and unpaid or late balances may be treated as a cancellation and my place may be offered to someone else and my deposit may be lost.

In the event where I cancel my place within six weeks of the course start date fees (minus deposit) will not be reimbursed but an alternative place on a future course may be offered if a similar course to the one you originally applied for is running in the next twelve months.

Cancellations received in good time will ensure that the student is refunded - less a £50 handling fee.

I understand that the course fees DO NOT include tranport costs to the house from the airport. Please contact for information on shared and cost effective transport options with the other students on the course and organised either by the owners of the house or local care hire companies.
Courses begin on SUNDAYS and students should be at the house no later than 6pm on the first day of the course.

Courses end on SATURDAYS and students should plan to leave by 11am latest.

I understand that 'A Chapter Away' are not insured for my trip to and from the house should I decide to use an external car or coach hire service, and that the only personal insurance from which I may benefit during my stay is the house and lettings insurance underwritten by the owners of the property in which the course is held.

I understand that 'A Chapter Away' use strictly NON SMOKING facilities and that smoking is not permitted on the premises at any time. (An area for smokers will be designated outdoors at a safe distance from work areas used by non-smoking residents).

I understand that I am a guest in a private home let to 'A Chapter Away' for the duration of my course, and as should the property should be treated with respect and care. 'A Chapter Away' reserve the right to bill for any damages incurred to the property or the objects within, or for any excessive cleaning bills which are the result of my own failure to comply with house rules.

I understand that 'A Chapter Away' courses offer a creative and safe place for students to work and that we rely on the goodwill of all participants and for their compliance with tutorial times and meal times - to ensure that tutors travelling long distances may start and end classes on time.

The richer the level of students participation in group sessions the more successful the course will be as a whole regardless of the talents of the tutor.

‘A Chapter Away reserve the right to change the venue of the retreat for a property of equal standing, depending on the number of student bookings, guest speakers availability, or circumstances out of A Chapter Away’s control.

'A Chapter Away' reserve the right to change or cancel a tutor or guest speaker without reimbursement of fees. This is extremely unlikely, but is always a possibility when tutors are travelling from afar, due to ill-health, disruptions to travel services etc.


You application will not be considered unless you have accepted the Terms and Conditions.
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